Unique Engagement Ideas in London

With an overwhelming choice of locations and ideas for marriage proposals in our beautiful capital city, how can you put your personal touch into such a personal moment without doing the same thing, or choosing the same restaurant, as your best mate or your partner’s older sister did ?

A quick internet search today will tell you that some of the top proposal locations for Londoners are The London Eye, The Shard and St. Pauls. We all could have predicted that! Alongside these top sights are also many popular restaurants such as The Ritz in St. James’, Clos Maggiore in the West End and back up that bloody Shard at it’s restaurant- the Aqua Shard .

Now, if your palms have been clammy for weeks, if you can’t get to sleep without a daily 3 hours of whale song or if you now require a repeat prescription of Valium and all you want to do is get the question out - then please, by all means, choose a nice location or romantic restaurant and ask away so you can end your nervous wait! You’ll both have a lovely evening and a spot to return to for life.

Alternatively, if you fancy making the most of this opportunity and would love your other half to be telling the story about how you proposed for the years to come, perhaps it’s time to think a little more about how best to go about this special moment in the glorious City of London.

I’m not going to list great alternative venues in London to propose because then these in themselves will, or have already, become cliché (think The London Aquarium, Love Lane, Hampstead Heath, The Planetarium etc.…). The important point here is that you think of what you both like doing together, think of something personal to add to the moment or think of something your partner has always talked about.

If they love animals - get some dogs involved, if they love food - propose at a cookery class and then have that same food at the wedding, if you love escaping London together - make sure there isn’t a black cab in sight when you ask the question.

You always go to the Farmer’s Market together on a Sunday? Arrange to meet them there and have your own ‘will you marry me’ stall set up.

Every Saturday in the early hours you two can be found moving and grooving at the coolest venues? Don’t change the plan this Saturday - ask on the dancefloor (even better if they don’t hear first time you ask!)

You both love David Hockney paintings? Propose at the Tate and then use a Hockney-inspired colour theme on your wedding day (all those fresh swimming pool blues).

They always get the number 295 bus home from work? Be at the bus stop ready to surprise them and ride back together (or go somewhere else!)- a good end to a long day at work.

You’re both obsessed with Italy? Go to secret cinema viewing of an Italian language film and propose afterwards in a great Pizzeria with the ring on top of the pizza. (Too cheesy?).

You’re keen hikers? Find a new route with a great view from the top - ask the question at the summit (you’ll be filled with confidence-boosting endorphins) and finish with a celebratory pint back at the bottom.

If doesn’t need to be fancy or elaborate - just try to keep it unique for you.

Maybe its the shameful British Rom-Com fan speaking when I say that asking the big question in bed, just woken from a nice sleep, (About Time film fans, I hear you) seems like a plan that can’t go wrong. They’ll be warm, rested and all yours - recipe for a ‘yes’.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like help planning your proposal in London. Love Made Me Weddings is happy to help you - we don't only plan weddings!

I will take the time to truly get to know you and your other half to create a great surprise for your partner in a stress-free and inspired event.