London Stereotypes X Wedding Stereotypes

…just to live-up to the dark and moody sense of humour that Brits are known for, we’ve decided to marry a few of the London stereotypes to their wedding partners - recognise any?

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Escaping 2020 Wedding Trends

… instead of preaching about what you should plan to plan to stay ahead of everyone else, we are hopping into the DeLorean and dragging you with us. How better than to welcome the return of the 20’s than with some ‘roaring’ inspiration from a decade that taught us the meaning of having a good time.

Here are some 1920s inspirations that you might like to bring back with you (only if you like them!)

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12 Reasons to have a London Wedding

There are a lot of doubting Thomases out there that central London is not a location for a wedding. Thankfully, London is not just any city and you will find that in fact there is no better place to celebrate your love for each other than in our magical capital.

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Thinking Twice About Wedding Traditions

Having traditions for the sake of having traditions if they don’t add anything to the day, or even worse, they detract from the day is MADNESS.

Love Made Me Weddings is here to shake up the day a little so you can eradicate any of those customs that people tend to blindly go through without enjoying - say good bye to bored guests, say goodbye to feeling uncomfortable, say goodbye to unnecessary tradition! Here are a few ideas…

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