Meet Love Made Me's Suppliers. Guest Star No.1: Dinner Ladies!

We think your wedding planner has two main roles:

  1. To manage your wedding day from the moment you wake up until the last guest is stumbling home. Your wedding planner will ensure all goes smoothly and to plan so that you can fully embrace the day with friends, family and your partner exactly the way you’d like to.

  2. To inspire and connect you with suppliers who we trust, have lovely working relationships with and whom we know will give you excellent service on the day. (On a side note, we also pay a lot attention to pricing here so that you will get the same price if you were to go to each supplier directly as when we do the contacting/ground work for you - mark ups are not our thing like lots of other wedding planners).

So, ‘tucking into’ point no.2 we thought it would be nice for you to learn about some of London’s finest suppliers who we are immensely proud to work with.

First up is the young and dynamic duo of Emily & Lily - aka Dinner Ladies Ltd.. These two go-getters are some of the coolest caterers in the capital offering delicious, seasonal and unique food; globally inspired but full of London soul.

We went along to their base in the beautifully lively community kitchen in Battersea to ‘butter them up’ and ‘grill’ them all about Dinner Ladies and their wedding thoughts.


LMMW: What makes Dinner Ladies different to other catering companies? What's your 'thing'?

DL: We are young, versatile and want to be the best at what we do. We love creating bespoke food and working with our clients to create their perfect menus. We lived and worked together in Shanghai so we love bringing a creative Asian flare into our food.

LMMW: What part of creating and working at Dinner Ladies do you enjoy the most?

DL: Coming up with seasonal menus that are delicious and different, and then watching the reactions of people enjoying the food that you have created. You can't beat it.

LMMW: What is your favourite dish to cook? Give us your Death Row meal, we're looking for starter, main, dessert..

DL: Dumplings, dumplings, dumplings! Such a crowd pleaser and a pleasure to serve.

LMMW: Wedding cakes have changed a lot recently, there is a new 'fad' each year. Do you see a comeback on the horizon for the traditional 3 -tier iced fruitcake?

DL: We love the idea that if you can't pick a flavour - go for 3! Each tier a different flavour of your choice

LMMW: We are all about loving London - the more London, the better... Do you have any favourite local suppliers or good London-based success stories?

DL: We love all our London suppliers especially our butcher HG Walter who we have been with since the beginning. We are lucky to be based next to New Covent Garden market home to London's freshest supply of food and flowers.

LMMW: Where is the best place you've ever catered?

DL: We love creating our own spaces for catering. We have done supper clubs and events aboard boats, by river sides, in greenhouses, old speakeasy and ballrooms.

LMMW: One piece of advice and one piece of wild inspiration that you can give our brides and grooms upon choosing their wedding day menus?

DL: Choose something that means something to you and have fun with it - we put together a menu that was based on a New Orleans crawfish boil once. You just pour the spiced crayfish down the table on newspapers and all get involved with sauces and salads. So much fun!

LMMW: And finally, what would be your first dance song if it was only you deciding (we all know you wear the trousers in this hypothetical situation)?


…And that’s a ‘wrap’! Huge thanks to Dinner Ladies - Emily & Lily - for taking their time to talk with us.

We remain big fans and look forward to working together much more in the future. If you would like these wonder-women catering at your wedding please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can get it cooking x