How does the planning process work?

If you are interested, please get in touch. We can arrange to meet (free of charge) to have a chat about what you are looking for and from there we can decide which planning package would suit you the best. For the planning, we can continue to meet regularly or we can do the majority of the planning via email/phone/skype to fit around your free time. 

I love to keep things casual so that you feel comfortable to tell me your wildest wedding dreams and you will find the planning process enjoyable!

when should we start planning our wedding?

Each wedding and client is different, it's recommended to start planning around a year before the wedding day. If you have a specific date in mind at a popular venue, we might need to book that more than a year ahead but if you are more flexible and are looking for a simpler day all could be possible a few months in advance.

The general rule however, is to start as early as possible.

We don’t know which package to choose, how do we decide?

This is where the initial consultation can really help. We can talk about how much control you'd like in the planning process and how much help you might need and we will be able to suggest to you which package would suit you the best. 

can we come see the venues before booking?

Of course! In fact I encourage you both to come on a tour of your favourite few venues as the first step of your wedding planning.

Are all wedding ceremonies the same?

Queue cheesy line about how every ceremony is unique and beautiful (which they are but let's not go on about it too much!). In all seriousness, there are two types of ceremony possible. A civil ceremony creates a legally-binding marriage, or,  a  symbolic ceremony can seem, to all involved, no different on the day it just lacks the legal side and usually you will have already completed this prior to the day at the registry office or town hall. 

Are you able to organise other events - other than the wedding day?

Yes - let me know what you would like help with, and using Love Made Me Wedding’s great list of tried-and-tested suppliers, plus years of experience and new ideas you might not have considered, I am there to pull off a great event for you. The most popular requests are for pre-wedding dinners, post-wedding brunches, big birthdays and anniversary parties.  

can you help us with the legalities & paperwork?

Yes - if you are looking to have a civil ceremony, I am happy to help you through all the procedures necessary. 

why should we work with you?

I make each couple a personal project. I only take on a few weddings each year and really try to get to know the clients so that your wedding is exactly how you'd like it. And unlike other agencies, I don't shy away from being open to budgets. You'll be in good hands, getting the best value for money using our tried-and tested suppliers all of whom I have a close relationship with. You won't have ideas forced on you and will have the access to a wealth of creative, new ideas to celebrate the love and the day.

something else on your mind?

Please get in touch- enquire here or email direct

Looking forward to hearing from you x